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Garage doors

Maximum strength

Fenomax is an authorized Garaga dealer. We offer a wide range of garage door styles and colors to add that all-important finishing touch to your home.

When we install a garage door, we install it to last

Energy performance. Garaga products use a weather stripping and thermal break system for maximum energy efficiency. Injected polyurethane foam offers twice the thermal resistance of polystyrene.

Solid construction. Our garage doors are designed to withstand tough conditions and the harsh Canadian climate.

Watertight. Triple-contact PVC seals between sections provide effective protection against heat loss. Different types of weather stripping keep air, water, snow, and dust out of your home


We make products that are designed to last, based on our many years of experience working in harsh climates.


With Fenomax, you get quality workmanship that meets the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.


Our garage doors are covered by the best warranty in the industry.

* Limited lifetime warranty