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Patio doors

Maximum performance

Fenomax patio doors are the best on the market, with superior design and flawless assembly that ensure outstanding long-term performance. You get it all: your choice of a top-quality product installed by a highly experienced team.

when we install a patio door, we install it to last

Quality components. We use superior quality components made and carefully tested by P.H. Tech. The result? A smoother slide and unsurpassed energy efficiency.

Durable performance. The double outer wall offers superior strength and a high insulation factor. The PVC cladding is built into the wood frame.

A smooth slide. The wide guide rails make it easy to open and close panels and screens. The advanced design helps prevent debris from interfering with rolling action. Polycarbonate wheels limit abrasion that can damage the rail over time.


We make products that are designed to last, based on our many years of experience working in harsh climates.


Over 5,000 installs. More than 45 years on the job. Trust the pros.


Our patio doors are covered by the best warranty in the industry.

* Limited lifetime warranty