Frequently Asked Questions

Can the assessment service be done remotely?

Yes, all our consultants are trained to assist you remotely in the evaluation of your project. You can contact us by phone or use our online submission form. Precise dimensions will be required to determine the exact cost of your project.

Is it necessary to replace my windows if they fog up?

Depending on the age of your windows and their condition, a simple thermos replacement may be the solution for you. Contact our specialists to find out more.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes, all Fenomax window and door products are covered by the best warranty on the market. Consult our complete guarantee on this link

Are your products eligible for government grants related to energy efficiency programs?

Yes, depending on the product you choose, you may be eligible for discounts or grants. Contact our specialists for full details.

Are your doors and windows available elsewhere than in your branches?

Yes, we have authorized distributors. Find a retailer near you right here.


Ask for an evaluation. It will help you establish your budget.