Garage Doors

Fenomax is an authorized dealer for garage door manufacturer Garaga. Providing both comfort and peace of mind, our heavy-duty garage doors use a weather stripping and thermal break prevention system. The presence of polyurethane foam ensures energy efficiency and resistance to temperature variations that is twice that of polystyrene.

Be protected from the vagaries of weather, air, water, snow and dust infiltration thanks to the flawless sealing of garage doors offered by Fenomax.

With a vast choice of models and colors, find the style of garage door that best suits your home to give it all the aesthetics you desire.

Impeccable installation

Ensure maximum performance and lifespan with our experienced team.

Garaga offers 3 styles to help you choose your garage door:

Traditional style

Nor modern. Nor ancient. Nice in-between. This style is for you if you love everything that is timeless, windows with checks, shutters and moldings, without overload.

Contemporary Style

Both feet in the modernity! This style is for you if you like simple square lines, little molding, no frills and dramatic elements.

Country style

Nothing beats the beauties of yesteryear! This style is for you if you like elaborate moldings, dormers, large galleries and an abundance of details reminiscent of the past.


Customer experience is one of our highest priorities. With Fenomax, you are never alone; an expert advises you and follows you throughout the project.

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