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With the selection of sliding, swinging and French patio doors available today, you have the opportunity to create a truly custom design that complements the architectural style of your home and helps define your outdoor living space.

Fenomax patio doors offer you an unobstructed view of your outdoor environment while providing the comfort and security you seek. Ideal for the room of your choice, our patio doors are the best designed on the market.

Impeccable installation

Ensure maximum performance and lifespan with our experienced team.

Get maximum performance with Patio PH Tech doors

Thanks to P.H. Tech¬©’s superior quality components, you will benefit from a flawless glide and incomparable energy performance. Fenomax patio doors are known to offer the best performance to homeowners:

  • Meticulously assembled for flawless performance
  • Wide rails for smooth gliding
  • Polycarbonate wheels to limit the wear of your rails
  • Double-walled exterior for superior strength
  • High insulating factor
  • No loss of efficiency over time

An experienced installation team
The quality they offer is guaranteed by the most stringent standards (FGIA, WDMA, CSA and NAFS), a solid quality assurance program and 14 quality tests performed on our products, and even on our equipment.


Customer experience is one of our highest priorities. With Fenomax, you are never alone; an expert advises you and follows you throughout the project.

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