Sliding Windows

Fenomax PVC sliding windows are a great option for any style of home; whether you’re looking to make your space more comfortable with better ventilation or to give it a touch of elegance. Fenomax sliding windows have a pivoting latch system for easy cleaning. Available in single, double or hybrid version.

Impeccable installation

Ensure maximum performance and lifespan with our experienced team.



Frame Type:
PVC or Hybrid

4 ½ and 5 ⅝ – Integrated Brick Molding

Thermos :
Thermos Low-E Argon
HRMAX Thermos
Triple Thermos
Low-E triple double thermos

Energy Star :
Up to 42 ER

Tiles :

Mouldings :
Inside or outside

structural or modular

The PVC can be painted in the color of your choice,
including the 4 choices of imitation paint


Customer experience is one of our highest priorities. With Fenomax, you are never alone; an expert advises you and follows you throughout the project.

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