Awning Windows

Fenomax PVC awning windows are easy to open thanks to their horizontal mechanisms that allow for opening from the base and outward. Versatile and offering maximum ventilation despite bad weather, the awning window is an excellent choice for the kitchen, bathroom or basement. Available with a structural or modular frame.

Impeccable installation

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Frame Type:
PVC or Hybrid

4 ½ and 5 ⅝ – Integrated Brick Molding

Thermos :
Thermos Low-E Argon
HRMAX Thermos
Triple Thermos
Low-E triple double thermos

Energy Star :
Up to 46 ER

Tiles :
Integrated or false barrots

structural or modular

The PVC can be painted in the color of your choice


Customer experience is one of our highest priorities. With Fenomax, you are never alone; an expert advises you and follows you throughout the project.

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